Nuclear safety

The term "nuclear safety" means the accomplishment of proper operational conditions, the prevention of accidents and the mitigation of the effects caused by accidents, with a view to protect both employees and population from risks arising from nuclear facilities. 

The only nuclear facility  in Greece in the research nuclear reactor of the National Centre for Scientific Research "Demokritos". 

Being the competent regulatory authority in the field of nuclear safety, EEAE is responsible for:

• the implementation of the national legal, regulatory and organizational framework (national framework) for the safety of nuclear facilities, including the provisions of the Convention on Nuclear Safety.

According to the national framework, EEAE: a) is responsible for the implementation of the licensing procedures for nuclear facilities and for the ban of their unlicensed operation, b) is responsible for the implementation of the nuclear safety inspection system, c) recommends actions for the proper enforcement of the legal framework, including the suspension of operation of a facility or the amendment or recall of a license;

• the recommendation of actions which maintain and improve the national framework, if required, by taking into account the experience gained through operation, the lessons learned from safety studies run by operating nuclear installations, the progress of technology and the results deriving from safety researches, whenever relevant and available.

For more specific information on the national framework for the safety of nuclear facilities and the licensing and inspection procedures thereof, please read below.

Legal framework

The current legal and regulatory framework about nuclear safety in Greece has been formed on the basis of the safety requirements and standards published by international organizations.

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The research nuclear reactors are licensed and inspected in compliance with the procedures specified by the Ministerial Decision on "Main requirements - principles of nuclear safety and regulatory control of research reactors" (Government Gazette 2877/B/26.10.2012). 

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