International framework and collaborations

Greece is a non-nuclear country and nuclear power is not a national option.

The nuclear option is a national sovereign choice, as is the composition of each country's energy mix. Yet, the effects of nuclear accidents have no borders.

EEAE makes use of all available tools in order to keep up with the developments at European and international level. Being the national body in charge of nuclear safety, EEAE represents Greece before the related European and international fora and deals with all its conventional national obligations deriving from our participation therein. Within this framework, EEAE participates in the European Nuclear Safety Regulators Group - ENSREG and in the meetings for the Convention on Nuclear Safety.

At international level

At international level, nuclear safety is in the core work of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) of the United Nations. Globally, the most important tool for checking the safe operation of nuclear facilities and for the exchange of information among countries is the Convention on Nuclear Safety.

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At European level

At European level, the Euratom Treaty sets the framework under which nuclear energy is used. The first EC Directive about nuclear safety was issued in 2009 and was amended in 2014.

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