Combating illicit trafficking of radioactive materials

The existence of the proper infrastructure and know-how which shall deter the illicit and out of regulatory control trafficking in radioactive and nuclear materials has become an inextricable part of the programs developed at national and international level, ultimately aiming at population's safety and environmental protection.

In Greece, EEAE coordinates and supports - technically and operationally - these programs since 2003 already, cooperating with the Custom Authorities and other bodies. If needed, EEAE activates its response mechanisms and relatively informs the IAEA Incidents and Trafficking Database (ITDB).

Legislative framework

  • Compulsory installation and use of equipment for checking on the existence of radioactive materials in iron ore and illicit import thereof, Ministerial Decision no. 11592 (FOR) 1125, Government Gazette, Folio No. 1633/B/18.08.1999 
  • Greek Customs Code, Law no. 2960, Government Gazette, Folio No. 265/A/22.11.2001
  • Control of sealed sources of high radiation and orphan sources, Joint Ministerial Decision no. 10828/EFA (1897), Government Gazette no. 859/10.7.2006 

The legislative obligation for the installation of radiation detection systems at steel industries and customs offices has been regarded as a "good practice" during the international peer review of the national regulatory framework (IAEA, IRRS mission, 2012).