Financial data

Pursuant to Law 4310/2014, ΕΕΑΕ as a regulatory authority enjoys complete administrative and financial independence.

ΕΕΑΕ is financially supported by two sources:

  • government funds and
  • revenues from services, fees, funding of research and development projects (Special Account).

The government financial support is mostly used to cover the annual national contributions to international organizations (OECD, IAEA). The rest of the governmental budget covers personnel costs and a small part of operational costs. 
Most of the operational expenses (including equipment and consumables) and a significant part of salaries are covered by EEAE's Special Account; that is by self-financing.

Regarding the year 2019:

  • the proportion of each funding source contribution to the revenues of year 2019 is 38% from the government budget and 62% from the Special Account;
  • transfer payments reached 58% of the total government funds;
  • a budget surplus has been achieved, for yet another year. The amount of invoiced revenues of the Special Account reached 5.131.804,10 euros in 2019 (except interest), increased by 18,3 % compared to 2018.
  • the Special Account expenses reached 2.669.660,91 euros, presenting an increase of 10,8 % compared to 2018.

In article 45 of Law 4310/2014, it is provided that the fees and any fines collected by EEAE are used for funding the costs of any nature, as required to ensure sufficient financial and human resources for the support of EEAE work, in order to achieve its goals and responsibilities and to improve its efficiency. Upon EEAE decisions, ΕΕΑΕ reserve funds are used for the needs of its purposes and responsibilities, and to fully meet potential needs arising from its operation as a European Regional Training Centre, in accordance with the long term agreement with the IAEA, ratified by the Law 4085/2012.