We cooperate, we represent, we discuss

EEAE cooperates and exchanges information with a lot of public agencies, stakeholders involved in regulatory policy, university institutions, professional and scientific associations. Always paying respect to the values of transparency and cooperation, EEAE promotes public debates on specific radiation safety issues through:

  • conducting public consultations on regulatory decisions and initiatives
  • holding regular meeting and events on public and stakeholders' awareness.

Furthermore, EEAE plays a vital role at international and European level as EEAE officials represent Greece in high-level decision-making and policy fora in the field of radioprotection and nuclear safety.

At national level, EEAE personnel participate in decision-making committees on radiation issues, contributing thereby both to the regulatory aspect of EEAE and to its know-how.

...in Greece

At national level, ΕΕΑΕ personnel participates in bodies with decision making responsibilities in the radiation protection field. EEAE contributes to these bodies its regulatory perspective, as well as its technical knowledge. 

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EEAE represents the country in international and european organizations and committees with role in the formulation of policies and of the regulatory framework.

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